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KomRach sp. z o.o. ACCOUNTANCY



The activity of the accounting office is based on the certifications issued by the Ministry of Finance for the provision of bookkeeping services for:

Krzysztof Brzeziński, license 23532/2001
Monika Kamińska, license 57521/2012.

Komrach sp. z o.o. provides complex accounting services; we provide services in accordance with national accounting and tax regulations. We offer full accounting and bookkeeping services:

  • book-keeping in accordance with the Polish Accounting Act
  • keeping a book of revenues and expenses
  • preparation and submission of monthly and annual tax returns
  • providing HR and payroll services
  • cooperation with tax offices and assistance during possible tax audits
  • preparation of statistical reports of the Central Statistical Office
  • settlements with PFRON
  • bank credit applications
  • other as per Clients' requirements

Net prices are negotiated individually. The following are the starting net prices:

  • minimum wage for full accounting
  • 15% of the minimum wage for simplified accounting
  • 1.5% of the salary per employee for the management of employees' wages